How to Monetize + Automate Your Business

Monetization Mastery is the key to maximizing your earnings in your business through strategic tactics, automation systems and creative processes. There are numerous ways to capitalize on every aspect of your business by monetization in multiple ways.

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    Shaleah Patterson

    The VisionPreneur

    Whether youre a service based business or product based:

    With 11 Modules, this course goes in depth from the creation process of digital products, and will teach you:

    • How to Define your Client Avatar
    • Different types of digital products you can create
    • How to create e-books FAST (my proven method to crank out ebooks in just 2 days)
    • How to create e-courses
    • How to deliver digital products to your customers hands-free
    • How and where to market your digital products
    • Digital Product Systems (how to set yourself up for success)
    • How I come up with ideas for Digital products

    What will you learn?

    If you're ready to monetize your magic, then this course is for you. Selling digital products can make you anywhere from $5k-$10k per month by simply setting up your systems and watching the cash roll in.